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Compare providers to obtain the best car insurance if you're a high-risk driver

While you make application for automobile insurance, the insurer completes a risk assessment to discover the chance that you're going to file claims around the line. In protection company's eyes, many factors play into assessing your liability quotient: your actual age, gender, credit worthiness, and driving history. Drivers with accidents or traffic violations on his or her records tend to be considered "high-risk clients," meaning they will probably file a claim and horrors! cost the insurer money.

For that reason, "high risk" equals high premiums. Generally, insurance carriers charge you more to drivers with any violations or accidents on his or her record, whether they're trying to get a fresh policy or an active policyholder. The truth is, you could possibly have observed a rate hike or lost coverage completely whenever you got a ticket or experienced a mishap, even though it wasn't your fault.

Fortunately, despite that some car insurance companies are likely to take a risk on people whenever they total a motor vehicle and even be given a DUI. We lately evaluated each of the insurance options in existence for high-risk drivers vehicles coverage options. While compiling this data, we sought out businesses that offered the most effective rates and insurance offerings that you will find most prepared to click beyond a driver's past and provide them another chance. Depending on our findings, we selected the examples below as being the best insurance options in existence for high-risk drivers.

Beneath you'll find auto insurance offers available from the advertising partners, accompanied by our complete in-depth list of the most useful high-risk motor insurance companies we've found.

Best High-Risk Car Insurance

  • Best for Minimum Coverage: The General
  • Best for Drivers Needing an SR-22: Diaryland
  • Best Rates After a DUI: State Farm
  • Best Rates After a Traffic Violation: GEICO
  • Best Rates for Drivers With Poor Credit: Direct Auto


The General

The General markets itself as an organization that will give you auto health insurance policies to everyone, including high-risk drivers. In reality, The General is an organization that specializes in covering high-risk drivers. This company offers coverage in 46 states, so you need to verify a state is one kind of them.

Pros and Cons


  • Coverage for even the highest-risk drivers

  • Several unique discounts

  • Easy claims process through smartphone app


  • Low liability coverage


With The General, you can't bundle various health insurance policies and save money. However, The General provides a few other great discounts, including:

  • Good Student: To qualify, students must provide documentation they actually have at the very least a "B" average.
  • Double Deductible: This discount doubles the deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage for the 1st 45 era of a policy—thus reducing your premium.
  • Paid in Full: Customers who pay a total year's premium as opposed to monthly installments.
  • Previous Insurance: For many who swap to The General completely from another provider.

Digital Experience

The General allows customers to deal with many techniques from the quote process to filing claims either online, through app, or across the phone. The website and smartphone app in addition have built-in chat features providing you access immediately to an active customer support representative.

Also, while using the app's Easy Claims feature, start a claim and instantly upload photos all from the phone. This could certainly significantly simplify and increase the method, causing less wait some time to tedious to and fro that has a claims adjuster.

Other Insurance Offerings

Given its concentrate on low-cost, minimum coverage alternatives for high-risk drivers, The General doesn't offer any special coverage alternatives for customers as a few other insurance carriers do. However, it has Mexico Terorist Auto Insurance Policies through partner companies.

Also, it's worth noting that although The General meets a state minimum requirements for all those 46 states it serves, the organization won't offer high amount of money policies.

Customer Satisfaction

In accordance with The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), The General carries a customer complaint ratio of 3.28 thrice more versus the 1.00 industry median.1 Essentially, meaning the NAIC is aware that The General gets a higher variety of complaints according to its overall size.



In several states, drivers with DUIs, major violations, or previous uninsured driving desire a specific evidence of insurance document  called an SR-22. However, its not all insurers will insure high-risk drivers, and never all insurers even offer SR-22 documentation.

If the driving history necessitates that you file an SR-22 together with the Department of Motor Vehicles, you'll be able to get a Dairyland motor insurance plan quickly through its website and obtain the necessary SR-22 documentation you need back within the road.

Pros and Cons


  • Claims service available 24/7 online or via phone

  • Freedom to pick out your own personal body shop

  • Highly competitive rates for high-risk drivers


  • Late payments can cause loss in coverage

  • Customer complaints with claims process

  • No local agents


Surprisingly, Dairyland actually offers an abundance of discounts to customers. These discounts include:

  • Multi-Car
  • Advanced quote
  • Transfer discount
  • Quarterly/yearly payment plan
  • Defensive driving
  • Anti-theft

Digital Experience

Similar to other insurance firms, Dairyland now offers many services through its website or smartphone app. Customers can obtain quotes online, and current customers may use the web portal gain access to account information, make payments, or stop ID cards online. The app allows customers gain access to account info and settle payments straight using their company phones.

Unfortunately, Dairyland mandates that customers file all claims on the phone you can't do it over the online portal or smartphone app. Additionally, customers cannot make changes with their coverage without calling Dairyland directly.

Other Insurance Offerings

Dairyland has not a lot of insurance offerings as compared to larger, more all-around carriers like GEICO. While Dairyland does carry all the car insurance you will need (and car insurance), that's about all it offers. No homeowners or life insurance.

Customer Satisfaction

Client satisfaction in the usa where Dairyland can be acquired seems in step with other non-standard insurance providers.

Most complaints about Dairyland Insurance on individual review sites either involved billing issues or slow claims processing. However, many customers said these folks were impressed with how simple and easy fast Dairyland made finding a policy.


State Farm

It's not surprising that almost all insurance providers dramatically raise rates after a person turns into a DUI. This really is likely because National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports demonstrate that drunk driving-related accidents kill nearly 30 people daily.

Some insurance providers nearly double rates post-DUI, but State Farm is far more tolerant. The truth is, generally, State Farm offers the lowest rates for drivers with DUIs.

Pros and Cons


  • Lowest rates for DUI drivers

  • Offers Drive Safe & Save discount plan

  • Provides homeowners and other policies


  • Pressure to work through local agent


In relation to discounts, State Farm offers a great deal of methods of safe drivers, safe vehicles, and customer loyalty. These discounts can net you ranging from 10% and 30% in savings.

Among State Farm's biggest discount options is definitely the Drive Safe & Save plan, which works on the smartphone app to trace your driving habits. While you recruit a discount simply for enrolling, the more you drive safely (avoid sudden stops, don't go over a certain speed, etc.), the greater savings you rack up. The app provides feedback how you're doing.

Digital Experience

Like the majority of other insurance carriers in existence, it's simple to manage your motor insurance account from the State Farm web portal or app. With these online options, customers can access account information any time, request roadside assistance, or perhaps file a claim in the eventuality of a vehicle accident.

Most of all, the app now lets you talk with your State Farm agent anytime, anywhere.

Other Insurance Offerings

State Farm may become one-stop shopping for all your insurance needs. Along with traditional motor insurance, State Farm offers coverage for other motor vehicles, like motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and boats.

State Farm now offers a variety other kinds of insurance, including renters and homeowners policies, a life insurance policy, supplemental medical policies, as well as disability insurance options.

Customer Satisfaction

State Farm shines from several high-risk insurance companies due to the network of local service agents who "such as a good neighbor" are efficient as well as simple to reach. What's more, J.D. Power ranked State Farm sixth beyond 24 insurers included in the 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study.



While it may take several driving violations or accidents to label you as "high-risk," many drivers experience rate increases once they are located liable to add one car crashes or a number of traffic tickets, that makes that it is hard because of drivers to help keep their car insurance. However, GEICO offers competitive rates for drivers with speeding tickets or accidents on his or her record.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional discount offerings

  • Best mobile app experience

  • High customer care ratings


  • Limited network of agents

  • No GAP coverage

  • Homeowners along with policies underwritten by partner companies


Considered one of GEICO's strengths could be the wide selection of discount options it offers. Actually, it provides discounts depending on your car's security features and discounts depending on your driving habits and loyalty towards company.

Additionally, GEICO partners with numerous corporations and associations to offer special discounts to members of the organizations.

Digital Experience

GEICO is to the leading edge in regards to a digital go through it proposes to customers. Once you decide on a GEICO insurance plan, you can handle it making changes 24/7 over the online customer portal or smartphone app.

What's more, you may file claims or check pending claims, view and print insurance ID cards, request roadside assistance, or maybe view vehicle information as a result of GEICO's partnership with CARFAX.

Unlike every other insurance firm about this list, GEICO works with your Amazon Echo, Google Home, and smartphone voice commands, to help you to manage your policy or talk with a real estate agent without lifting a finger.

Other Insurance Offerings

GEICO offers one of the most comprehensive motor insurance in the united states, it also offers lots of different other insurance products to customers. In truth, GEICO provides policies for other motor vehicles like motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, RVs, and boats.

GEICO offers homeowners and renters insurance, and more. However some of the are obtainable through partners, you can easily still bundle these policies and receive GEICO's impressive multi-policy discount.

Customer Satisfaction

GEICO consistently receives outstanding ratings from both customers and industry experts. J.D. Power consistently ranks GEICO high for customer satisfaction.

Customer accolades include GEICO's rates that are low prices, willingness to insure high-risk drivers, and outstanding digital experience.


Direct Auto

The truth is, the minimum credit ratings might also impact your insurance charges and, in some instances, your skill for getting car insurance. However, Direct Auto offers to work alongside you by affordable vehicle insurance because you work with enhancing credit score.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers high-risk auto insurance even going to drivers with less-than-perfect credit

  • Can offer SR-22 to drivers who demand it

  • Offers flexible payment selections for drivers inexepensively


  • Limited in 13 states


Direct Auto would possibly not have the identical reputation as businesses like GEICO or State Farm, but that doesn't make their discount options less enticing. In reality, Direct Auto offers around 12 discounts that drivers can be entitled to and save 25% or more.

Two of the most notable discounts through Direct Auto are their Military Discount—obtaining the 25% to all active service members—as well as their Multi-Car Discount of 25% for covering more than one vehicles with Direct Auto. The organization also provides discounts to seniors, safe drivers, individuals who switch the signal from Direct Auto off their companies, homeowners, and more.

Digital Experience

Although Direct Auto doesn't present you with a smartphone app, it has a very comprehensive website. Customers can find out more on coverage options, discounts, claims procedures, and payment choices on the website. Furthermore, Direct Auto customers can log within their accounts throughout the customer portal and pay their bill, print ID cards, or reference policy information.

Other Insurance Offerings

Direct Auto mainly is targeted on providing affordable car insurance policy for high-risk drivers. However, the firm offers motorcycle insurance, Mexico Auto Insurance, commercial auto policies, and car insurance. Furthermore, Direct Auto offers term life insurance coverage and accident medical expense policies and customers who choose to add these extra policies can save money on their car insurance.

Customer Satisfaction

Direct Auto holds a higher complaint index while using the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to the period 2019-2021, the normal complaint index was 3.9, much above that is a average for a business of that size.

Compare Best High-Risk Car Insurance Companies

ProviderBest For
The GeneralBest for Minimum Coverage
DairylandBest for Drivers Needing An SR-22
State FarmBest Rates After a DUI
GEICOBest Rates After a Traffic Violation
Direct AutoBest Rates for Drivers With Poor Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a High-Risk Driver?

A high-risk driver is who, on account of their liability assessment, is more expensive to insure in a very carrier's view as they will file claims. So that they are charged more because of their insurance compared to a lower-risk customer would be.

What Makes You a High-Risk Driver?

Many criteria can place you into a high-risk driver category; some of them are beyond your control, some reflect your driving history, and some don't even relate to cars at all. Those with high-risk status can include:

  • Teens and other newly licensed drivers
  • Elderly drivers
  • Drivers with poor credit scores or a high debt-to-income ratio
  • Drivers with a history of at-fault accidents
  • Drivers who have received a speeding ticket or other traffic violation in the past three years
  • Drivers with a DUI conviction
  • Drivers who allowed coverage to lapse or received a citation for no insurance

How Much Will High-Risk Car Insurance Cost?

While exact rates vary determined by your state's insurance requirements and additional factors, they usually are any where from 10%–50% more when you're considered a high-risk driver. This will make a lot of bucks difference in the price tag on your vehicle insurance premiums.

How Does Being a High-Risk Driver Affect Your Coverage?

Typically, high-risk drivers pay in excess of low-risk drivers for any equivalent amount of coverage. Additionally, some high-risk drivers won't even be eligible for a standard vehicle insurance and will need insurance from a business dedicated to non-standard auto insurance.

For How Long Are You Considered a High-Risk Driver?

Luckily in your case, a poor driving history won't impact your insurance rates forever. The fact is, most car insurance policy companies only have a look at accident and traffic violation records that span earlier times three years. Accidents and tickets much older than this rarely factor in your insurance rates. However, DUI convictions are very to the present rule: they typically impact your rates for as much as five years.

Will All Insurance Providers Cover High-Risk Drivers?

Unfortunately, no. Some standard insurance carriers won't even offer coverage to drivers with a record or DUI conviction.

What Can You Do to De-Risk Your Driving Coverage?

While some factors like age or gender are outside your control, other factors that increase your driving risk class are completely manageable. In general, experts recommend that you take the following steps to de-risk your driving coverage:

  • Take steps to improve your credit score
  • Take a driver safety course
  • Shop for better insurance rates three years after your last traffic violation
  • Don’t allow your auto coverage to lapse

The Bottom Line

Although high-risk drivers often battle to find car insurance policy, there are actually companies available who offer coverage at competitive rates regardless of whether your driving history isn't that great. These firms fall basically into 2 categories: non-standard auto insurance companies, who concentrate on coverage for high-risk drivers, and a lot more general providers who don't discriminate among drivers in extending their competitive rates and discounts.

For high-risk drivers, it's besides important brand new cars rates and meet their state's required auto-insurance coverage, but it's equally important to ensure they receive everything needed from a coverage company, to be an SR-22 or any other documentation necessary to attest these are insurable.

How We Chose the Best High-Risk Car Insurance Companies

When selecting the most appropriate vehicle insurance companies for high-risk drivers, we besides considered each company's ratings with businesses like J.D. Power, but we viewed rate comparisons and discount offerings on insurance carrier websites along with independent reviews.

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