Best Mortgage Lenders for Bad Credit

Prosperity offers the best mortgage loans for bad credit

In case you are the countless Americans with bad credit, qualifying for a home is often difficult. Conventional mortgages typically demand a score of 620 or higher.

However, there are many lenders that provide loan alternatives for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. We researched top companies and identified the ideal mortgage lenders for low credit score depending on their credit standing requirements, minimum advance payment amounts, and debt-to-income ratio limits, among other factors. Read more to discover a mortgage lender to fit your needs.

Best Mortgage Lenders for Bad Credit

  • Best Overall: Prosperity Home Mortgage
  • Best for VA Loans: Cherry Creek Mortgage
  • Best for Online Option:
  • Best for Quick Closing Time: SWBC
Prosperity Home Mortgage

Pros and Cons


  • Offers multiple options with low down payment requirements

  • $1,500 credit for closing costs or first payment

  • In-person assistance available


  • Inaccessible in New York or Hawaii

  • Doesn't list its rates or fees online

  • Doesn't disclose its credit requirements

Prosperity Home Mortgage is our choice since the best overall lender for borrowers with poor or fair credit due to its array of mortgage products and homebuyer assistance programs. 

However the company doesn't list its credit history requirements online, a corporation representative told us its minimum score is all about 600 a cheaper minimum than a few other lenders require. Additionally, it allows borrowers to experience a debt-to-income ratio all the way to 50%, that's over several lenders allow. 

Borrowers who find it hard to are eligble for mortgages utilizing lenders could also take advantage of the lender's BorrowSmart program. Eligible borrowers can receive about $1,500 as being a credit toward closing costs or mortgage's downpayment, permitting you to buy a house with lower than 3% down. 

Prosperity also participates in FannieMae's HomeReady program, a home financing option which helps borrowers in designated low-income, minority, and disaster-impacted communities become homeowners. The HomeReady program allows borrowers that will put just 3% down. 

Prosperity offers a variety of mortgage products, including: 

  • Conventional loans with fixed or adjustable rates 
  • FannieMae HomeReady
  • FHA
  • VA
  • USDA
  • Jumbo 

Prosperity is actually a full-service mortgage banker that operates 700 branches within the U.S, also it issues loans in 48 states. Borrowers can make application for a mortgage online or face-to-face by traversing to a local branch. 

Cherry Creek Mortgage

Pros and Cons


  • Low downpayment options

  • Accepts fico scores just 580

  • Online calculators available


  • Unavailable in any states

  • Can't apply online

  • More knowledge about fees not listed

Why We Chose It

Cherry Creek Mortgage is a major mortgage lender which offers VA loans to current active military, honorably-discharged veterans, Reservist members, eligible surviving spouses, and people who have veteran status through civilian employment. 

By using a Cherry Creek mortgage, you possibly can are eligible for a VA loan without put in or private mortgage insurance. As well as VA funding fee is often rolled into the loan. 

Cherry Creek has a selection of other mortgage products, including individuals with advance payment requirements under 3%. If you want to capture advantage of the FHA loan, you might qualify which has a credit ratings under 580. 

Cherry Creek Mortgage was founded in 1987. Since its inception, the lender has originated over $78 billion in loans. Cherry Creek issues loans in 41 states, but borrowers cannot apply online; you will need to employ a loan officer to acquire info on rates and charges and submit financing application.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple online process

  • No origination fees

  • No commissions


  • Won't offer VA or USDA loans

  • All loans require first payment

  • Inaccessible in Nevada

Why We Chose It

Better Mortgage is our choice as among the finest online mortgage lenders for its quick and easy digital platform. Borrowers can get yourself a rate estimate within a few moments and, should they decide to make use of to borrow, can complete all the application online. Plus, Better doesn't charge origination fees or commissions. 

Although Better Mortgage features a minimum credit rating requirement of 620 for conventional loans, you'll find it offers FHA loans.
 FHA loans is often appealing for borrowers with unfavorable credit ratings when you can qualify which has a score just 500 which has a 10% down payment.

Better contains a strong history of client service; it had been ranked 7th beyond 23 lenders within the J.D. Power U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study, by using a score above the market average. 

Unfortunately, Better Mortgage doesn't offer other government-backed loans like VA or USDA loans. They are popular loans for eligible borrowers since there is a 0% downpayment requirement, but borrowers will need to work together with another lender to use them. 

Better Mortgage was published in 2014.

 It issues loans to borrowers in every states, except Nevada.


Pros and Cons


  • Quick time to shut

  • Offers renovation mortgages

  • Multiple government-backed loan options


  • Out of stock in every states

  • Doesn't list its fees online

  • Must submit your data to see rates

Why We Chose It

Of lenders for this list, SWBC had the fastest average closing time. Good lender, most loans near the coast under 3 weeks, to help you transfer to your perfect home sooner. 

SWBC offers multiple loan products, including government-backed options like FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans. Also, SWBC offers jumbo loans, conventional loans, and renovation mortgages. 

SWBC also participates while in the Veterans Housing Assistance Program (VHAP) for military veterans buying your house in Texas. Eligible borrowers can qualify for a mortgage loan with virtually no pay in, and borrowers may be eligible for a monthly interest discounts.

SWBC does not list its minimum credit standing requirement online, a customer care representative told us it demands a score of 600 or higher. To look at fees and current rates, you should submit your information. 

SWBC doesn’t issue loans to all borrowers; it’s only available in 42 states. 

  A small credit ratings does not mean you are unable to turn into a homeowner. There are lots of companies, for instance Prosperity and Cherry Creek, that issue mortgages to borrowers with poor credit. And the ideal mortgage lenders for poor credit often read more flexible debt-to-income requirements and could obtain lower down payments, making it simpler to be entitled to a loan. 

However, mortgages for poor credit will often have higher interest levels than other mortgage options. When you have good credit or maybe a cosigner you might find better rates from other lending mortgage lenders.

Compare the Best Mortgage Lenders for Bad Credit


Min. Credit Score (Conventional) 

Max. Debt-to-Income Ratio 

Min. Down Payment 

Days to Closing 

Prosperity home mortgage Best Overall





Cherry creek mortgage Great for VA Loans 




30 Best Online Option 



Not disclosed 


SWBC Great for Quick Closing Time







Guide for Choosing a Mortgage Lender With Bad Credit

Should You Get A Mortgage If You Have Bad Credit?

When you have a bad credit score whether it feels right to obtain a home relies upon several factors. Your credit plays an enormous role in the ability to obtain a loan. If the score is way too low, you is probably not eligible, or you might want to pay a higher interest to obtain a mortgage. 

One more thing to consider is the reason for your low credit score. In case you have past missed payments, your financial budget can be stretched too thin to purchase a residence, so it may well be the better choice to put off on buying a home right now.

Lenders may also research your debt-to-income ratio to figure out the amount of a danger you are. But if your debt-to-income ratio is high, it could be hard to come by approved for just a mortgage.

Your the housing market may also impact your decision. Now and again, it could be cheaper on the long run to acquire instead of rent. You will discover several considerations for making figure out whether buying or renting should you choose inside your area.

Improve Your Odds of Qualifying With Bad Credit

You can improve your chances of qualifying for a mortgage with these tips:


  • Save an increased downpayment: Although borrowers with excellent credit may get a normal mortgage with as low as 3% down, borrowers with unfavorable credit ratings might require an increased down payment. To grant yourself the ideal prospects for qualifying for a financial loan, aim to save lots of 10% of the house value. 
  • See the credit history: See the credit history at Annual Credit to determine if you will find any errors bringing your score down. If you will find, dispute these the finance bureaus. 
  • Pay down debt: You may transform your debt-to-income ratio—along with your possibility of obtaining a loan—if you are paying down your overall debt, such since your plastic card balances. 
  • Apply having a cosigner or co-mortgagor: You might possibly are eligble for a home should you squeeze in a cosigner on your loan application. Requesting someone being a cosigner is a big ask, especially in regards to a tremendous purchase like a property, so be sure you can comfortably afford the financial loan payments it is usually this route. 

How to Compare Mortgage Lenders

When you desire a lender, factors such as APR and interest type are important. But when you've got low credit score, you need to consider the following to obtain the right lender to suit your needs: 

  • Minimum credit rating requirements: Credit standing requirements vary by lender. Although some people might will use borrowers with scores while in the 500s, others require scores in the nice to excellent range. 
  • Debt-to-income requirements: Typically, the highest debt-to-income ratio lenders encourage is 43%. However, there are numerous mortgage companies which may have higher DTI limits. 
  • Advance payment requirements: Should you have less-than-perfect credit, you might have to save an increased advance payment compared to a borrower with excellent credit. 
  • Home buyer assistance programs: Many mortgage lenders have their own own residence buyer assistance programs. Benefits can sometimes include lower credit history requirements, lower advance payment percentages, or credits toward closing costs. 

How to Apply for a Mortgage

On the whole, you can begin the method through home financing lender's website. Or if you would like help navigating throughout the application, you may contact a real estate agent by telephone or directly at the local branch. 

While you shop for home financing, it is possible to pre-qualify to acquire an idea of methods much home you may afford. With home financing pre-qualification, the lender mostly banks on self-reported information. 

That has a pre-approval, the lender verifies the information you have and performs a difficult credit inquiry, therefore it's better than just a pre-qualification. 

To apply for a mortgage, you’ll need to provide information and documentation about your finances, including: 

  • Recent pay stubs
  • Recent tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Investment account statements
  • If you received a gift from a friend or relative for the down payment, a letter explaining the source of funds

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Mortgage for Bad Credit?

Generally, lenders call for a minimum credit worthiness with a minimum of 620 for almost all mortgages. 

Borrowers using a score below that number may find it difficult to get conventional mortgages. However, they will get other mortgage products with lower credit requirements. 

By way of example, a hot mortgage for poor credit is usually an FHA loan. Borrowers can get an FHA loan using a score as little as 500.

What Is a Good Down Payment for a Mortgage for Bad Credit?

While borrowers with a favorable credit record can be eligible for conventional mortgages with as low as 3% down, individuals with a bad credit score may need to have a larger pay in.

One example is, FHA loans base the minimum pay in around the borrower's credit score. A borrower that has a score of 580 and above can get your home with only 3.5% down. But a borrower that has a score between 500 and 579 must possess a pay in with a minimum of 10%.

How Big of a Mortgage Can I Afford?

This really is tricky to calculate, as there are lots of considerations together with your household income, existing debt, along with your down payment. If you're like the majority of Americans, getting a property is the greatest purchase you'll ever make. Among the initial things you'll need to bear in mind is what amount house criminal history check afford. what amount house criminal history check afford. 

Lenders will typically approve or deny an applicant based upon their debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. This ratio is calculated by dividing your monthly debts through your monthly income before taxes.

Mortgage lenders check out both your front-end and back-end DTI. The front-end DTI calculates how your main revenues goes toward housing, as the back-end DTI calculates how your main revenues goes toward other debt, such because your a credit card or student loans.

On the whole, mortgage lenders locate a DTI under 43%. However, there are numerous lenders who have higher DTI requirements.

How We Chose the Best Mortgage Lenders for Bad Credit

Our company evaluated 45 mortgage lenders and collected nearly 1,500 data points before purchasing our top choices. We weighed 15 criteria and gave an improved weight to individuals with a more significant affect potential borrowers.

The highest picks were selected based upon factors such as service quality (weighted 50%), operational features (32%), loan types (12%), and accessibility (6%). We took under consideration important considerations like choice . lender offers jumbo loans, the amount of states the lender is licensed in, and what the actual customer experience is like.

We conducted market research of 1,195 individuals who have obtained mortgages. We inquired on service delivery with assorted mortgage lenders, and that we learned featuring are most essential originating from a customer perspective. These details helped determine weights for criteria used by scoring

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